Pietro Marzo goes to Vis Reggio Calabria

Point guard Pietro Marzo (180-PG-88) left Nuova Aquila Palermo and went back to Serie C, to play for Vis Reggio Calabria. This year, the player from Giarre has played 18 matches, averaging 7 minutes, 2 points and 1 assist. Now he has the chance to be in the starting five and run to win the Girone H of the fourth division. Continua a leggere Pietro Marzo goes to Vis Reggio Calabria


Latina has a new head coach: Bartocci

Latina Basket lost the last eight matches in a row. The team which plays in Serie A2 Silver decided to fire coach Luigi Garelli (agency: Players Group ) and hire Maurizio Bartocci (agency: Players Group ). He started to lead the trainings this morning and will have to bring up Latina Basket. His first match will be on 21 December, against Roseto.

Last season Bartocci was Chieti head coach. He has experiences in Serie A1 with Caserta and Napoli, and in Legadue with San Severo.

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Saccaggi, Saletti and Andreaus leave Forli

Today Lorenzo Saccaggi (190-PG-92), Stefano Saletti (9) and Davide Andreaus (202-F-86) left Credito di Romagna Forli (Serie A2 Gold) after being evicted from the hotel where they lived, forlibasket.it says. Apparently, the president didn’t pay the rooms and now they decided to go back home. Forli has hard money problems and there is a strong possibility that the team won’t get to the end of the championship.
Saccaggi leaves the team after 10 matches, 9.7 points and 2.8 assists. Saletti played just 3 minutes. Andreaus averaged 16 minutes in 10 matches.

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Stefano Marisi goes to Siracusa

Stefano Marisi (190-G-83) will play in Siracusa, in Serie C. After losing his point guard, Gabriele Vitale (175-PG-85), coach Luigi Bordieri replaced him with this player coming from Upea Capo d”Orlando, where he arrived this summer to enlarge the roster during the weekly training. Marisi will share his place with Mario Garozzo. Continua a leggere Stefano Marisi goes to Siracusa

Two trainers for Alghero: Fenu and Monticelli

Daniele Cordeschi gave up: he is now the ex-trainer of Mercede Alghero, Serie A2 team. Cordeschi, 63 years old, arrived in Alghero one year ago and has to leave the team after 5 defeats in the first 5 matches of this season.

Giulio Fenu is the new head coach, and Manuela Monticelli will help him leading the senior team. Fenu trained Basket 90 Sassari. Monticelli was a point guard and played in Alghero for a decade, until 2012; she also won an Italian championship with Priolo. Alghero is going to host Pallacanestro Torino for the sixt week of Serie A2.

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Elettra Ferretti signed for Rainbow Catania

Elettra Ferretti (175-PG-93) (175-PG-93) will play in Serie C: tomorrow she is going to wear Rainbow Catania’s shirt against Alcamo. Last season, Ferretti played for Battipaglia and in Catania, against Olympia 68 Catania, scoring 16 points. Later on, she won the A2-championship. Continua a leggere Elettra Ferretti signed for Rainbow Catania