Caserta roll past Capo d’Orlando in their last test match –

Caserta – Capo d’Orlando 65:63


Caserta earned victory in the last test match before the start of Serie A. The scrimmage against Capo d’Orlando has shown that both teams are ready for the next championship. The first half was well played by the team from Campania: +5 and +11 were the distances between the teams after 10′ and 20′. Bradford Burgess (198-G/F-90, agency: Interperformances, college: VCU) and Austin Freeman (192-G-89, college: Georgetown) were the Sicilian players who made it possible to leave the result open.

In the second half, Orlandina gave another rythm to their match and started to get closer to Caserta. Jonny Flynn (183-PG-89, college: Syracuse) scored 11 points in the last 10′, but the two three-point-shot attempts didn’t arrive to the net. It was a good match – sayed Giulio Griccioli -, I saw good stuffs, among them we got better in defensive movements.


Pasta Reggia Caserta: Frank Gaines 13, Andrea Michelori 12, Ronald Moore 12, Carleton Scott 11.

Upea Capo dOrlando: Jonny Flynn 19, Bradford Burgess 14, Austin Freeman 9.


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