Orlandina won Trofeo Sant’Ambrogio

Upea Capo d’Orlando won Trofeo Sant’Ambrogio in Reggio Calabria last Saturday. The team, led by Jonny Flynn (183-PG-89, college: Syracuse), won the semifinal against Lighthouse Trapani: it was a challenging 75:74. Austin Freeman (192-G-89, college: Georgetown) was the topscorer, Bradford Burgess (198-G/F-90, agency: Interperformances, college: VCU) made the last point on a free throw; on the other side, Chris Evans (203-F-91, college: Kent St.) and Andrea Renzi (209-F/C-89, agency: Players Group) managed to keep Trapani’s hopes alive until the end of the match. Liomatic Viola Reggio Calabria won the other semifinal against Moncada Solar Agrigento: after the second quarter, Franco Ciani’s team didn’t manage to stay ahead and Reggio took a good advantage until the end (82:79).

A similar match was the one played between Trapani and Agrigento for the third place: the “biancazzurri” start ahead, then, after the first 20′, the “granata” are led by Evans just up to the victory (92:86). In the final match, Orlandina-Viola, the team from Sicily won 81:76, thanks to Flynn and Dario Hunt (206-F-89, college: Nevada), who kept Reggio at distance in the second quarter, and Gianluca Basile (192-G-75) and Andrea Pecile (188-PG-80), who increased the distance in the third. Flynn was the MVP.

The tournament dedicated to Mario and Iliano Sant’Ambrogio reached the 42nd edition; it started in 1970.

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