Second scrimmage in Trapani: Barcellona give up

Lighthouse Trapani have more energy and win their second test match against Sigma Barcellona. It’s almost a real match: even if Giovanni Perdichizzi ‘s team has worked all together for less than a week, it remains close to Lino Lardo (agency: Players Group )’s group up to the end.

The teams score eight points in five minutes, then Francesco Conti (205-C/F-83) makes the difference (19-9). Five points in a row by Gianluca Marchetti (178-PG-93, agency:Two Points) and Barcellona is again into the game. TJ Bray (196-G-92, college:Princeton) helps “granata” team with his strong defense, Michael Dixon (185-G-90, college: Memphis) and Jevohn Shepherd (196-G/F-86, agency: Hart Sports Mngm, college: Michigan) light up “giallorossi” team (41-34). Chris Evans (203-F-91, college: Kent St.) shows his skills in the last 20′, even if Barcellona don’t surrender until the last minute.

On Wednesday 10 September, Trapani is going to Cefalu to play against Reggio Calabria. Barcellona will defy Agrigento on Thursday 11.

TrapaniBarcellona 77-64
Lighthouse Trapani: Renzi 11, Meini 2, De Vincenzo, Baldassarre 14, Bossi, Urbani, Longo, TJ Bray 7, Ferrero 13, Chris Evans 19, Felice, Conti 11. All. Lardo.
Sigma Barcellona: Michael Dixon 13, Gianluca Marchetti 7, Spizzichini 3, Fiorito, Maresca 5, Jevohn Shepherd 12, Vignali, Garri 12, Borra 4, Da Ros 8. All. Perdichizzi.

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